About Paul McNulty

Paul McNultyPaul McNulty is originally from the west of Ireland. He studied engineering at University College Dublin where he edited a student magazine, The Anvil. Afflicted with wanderlust, he travelled west to Ohio and Massachusetts where he continued his apprenticeship to masters and doctoral level. While in Boston, he participated in the anti-Vietnam war movement and in the Committee for Justice in Northern Ireland. On return to Ireland, he honed his writing skills at UCD through publishing scientific papers as well as writing on food-related issues in the popular media.

More recently, he has studied ‘The genealogy of the Anglo-Norman Lynches who settled in Galway’ leading to the discovery of forgotten stories of late 18th century Ireland. This genealogy research persuaded Paul to write three historical novels, Spellbound by Sibella, The Abduction of Anne O’Donel and The Bodkin Massacre. Critiques from a writer’s group, The Corner Table, of which he is a founding member, continue to guide his writing.

Paul lives in Dublin with his wife, Treasa Ni Chonaola. They have three children, Dara, Nora and Meabh, and a grandchild, Lily Marie. He derives inspiration from the wild splendour of Connemara.