McNulty Surname

Strange as it may seem, the McNulty surname derives from the MacDonlevys/Dunleavys who fled early Ulster (primarily County Down) after their defeat by the Anglo-Normans in 1177. Those Dunleavys who migrated westward to Donegal became known as Ultach because they came from Ulster as it was then. The Four Masters have recorded two distinguished McDonlevy physicians to the O’Donnells of Donegal, namely, Paul Ultach in 1395 and Owen Ultach in 1586. Their descendants assumed the name, Mac an Ultaigh, son of the Ulsterman, now Anglicized as McNulty.

2 thoughts on “McNulty Surname

  1. Kathleen Vaughan says:

    My grandmother Mary Burton was a servant in Mcnultys about 65 years ago. I used to go there on a Saturday to visit her. I have some postcards given to me by Mary McNulty when I was a child. Most of them are addressed to various McNultys. You may wish to have them. Please contact me if you do.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I was delighted to hear from you. I remember your grandmother very well. She was a lovely woman, warm and very personal. I certainly remember someone visiting with her. It could have been you?
      Thank you so much for your kind offer of the postcards given to you by my Auntie May. I would love to have them. I could pick them up from you if you’re in Dublin or nearby.
      I have also e-mailed this message to you in case that is more convenient.
      Many thanks and best wishes,
      Paul McNulty.

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