“1798: A Rebel Romance,” a stage play by Paul B McNulty

When Cecilia Lynch falls in love with John Moore, a United Irishman, she finds herself drawn into the web of revolution. The illegitimate daughter of the late Sir Harry Lynch-Blosse stands by her fiance when General Humbert routs the redcoats through Castlebar. Cecilia is jubilant when the Frenchman appoints Moore, formerly of Alicante and the Sorbonne, as President of Connaught in 1798 within the declared Irish Republic. Their hopes for the future are unrestrained, unless powerful forces may conspire to destroy their dream.

The Races of Castlebar. (Courtesy of Stephen Dunford of Kilalla.)

The Races of Castlebar. (Courtesy of Stephen Dunford of Kilalla.)

UCD Dramsoc has scheduled my stage play for 18-22 April, 2016 in a state-of-the-art theatre in the Student Centre (adjacent to the new Sport’s Centre) at Belfield, Dublin 4. Shows commence at 7 pm and are open to the public. Admission is €5 payable on the night. Advance bookings by emailing info@ucddramsoc.com

Turning points in Irish history never tackled in literature

McNulty … by setting his stories against the backdrop of Irish historical events … not only educates the reader but also depicts many important turning points in Irish history which have never been tackled in literature …

I have been flattered by the foregoing comment on my novella, A Rebel Romance, which was reviewed by Bairbre Ní Bhraonáin in the Dublin Gazette on 27 February 2014.

In addition to my novella, her reference to my “stories” includes my debut historical novel, Spellbound by Sibella, which is available on Amazon and at other outlets including Club Lighthouse CLP and the Castle Bookshop, Castlebar.

Book cover for "A Rebel Romance" by Paul B McNulty

Book cover for “A Rebel Romance” by Paul B McNulty

Giveway of “A Rebel Romance” on English Historical Fiction Authors website

Paul B McNulty is giving away an e-copy of his recently published historical novella to an international winner. You can enter the contest by clicking on the English Historical Fiction Authors website.

A Rebel Romance deals with the fictional romance of John Moore of Moorehall, President of the momentary Republic of Connaught, with Cecilia Lynch, within the context of the Irish Rebellion of 1798. Cecilia was the illegitimate daughter of Sibella Cottle and the late Sir Harry Lynch-Blosse, a member of the Irish Parliament from 1776 to 1783.





5 star review for “Spellbound by Sibella” by Paul B McNulty

I was pleased to receive a 5 star review for my historical novel, Spellbound by Sibella, from Jack Hudson on Amazon.com. It runs as follows:

Fascinating, scandalous….

The story of Sibella and Sir Harry is a fascinating one. The political implications, the intrigues, the pressure on the weak Sir Harry to marry an heiress and desert his true wife and children – great stuff. The gruesome witchcraft adds to the drama, and gives an insight into the lives of the common people. Indeed, a lot of the story’s interest lies in the sense it gives of fidelity to the society it depicts: it’s based on true events, even if one hopes it’s not all true.

Fascinating, scandalous, mostly authentic…

“Spellbound by Sibella” is the debut historical novel written by Paul B McNulty based on real events in late 18th century Ireland.

Book launches for “Spellbound by Sibella” by Paul B McNulty

My historical novel, Spellbound by Sibella, recently published by Club Lighthouse CLP, Canada will be launched in November as follows:

Dublin  The Campus Bookshop, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4, 6pm, Thursday, 7th November. Sir Richard Hely Lynch-Blosse, 17th Baronet to launch.

Galway  Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, The Cornstore, Middle St, Galway, 6pm, Friday, 15th November. Historian, Ronnie O’Gorman to launch.

Castlebar  Mayo Books, Castle Street, Castlebar, Co Mayo, 7pm, Wednesday, 20 November. Mayor Noreen Heston to launch.

Any interested person is more than welcome to attend any one of these launches.

Five star review

“This is a real gem of a book. It’s the story of a gutsy heroine, Sibella Cottle, and what she has to do to keep lack lustre Sir Harry Lynch-Blosse and father of her children from deserting her and marrying rich heiress Lady Harriet.
It’s a really unusual story involving religion, politics (Sir Harry is a member of Parliament), intrigue and deception. The heart of the story is how Sibella resorts to witchcraft in the end.
A thoroughly enjoyable read. Recommended.”

Cover image for "Spellbound by Sibella"
A portrait of Miss Constable by George Romney circa 1787 courtesy of the Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon.


Spellbound by Sibella by Paul B McNulty

Club Lighthouse will publish my debut novel, Spellbound by Sibella, as an e-book. But how does one organise a book launch for its release without hard copy? If you have any ideas please respond on my website or e-mail me at paul.mcnulty@ucd.ie. For the record, the novel deals with the turbulent liaison between Sir Harry Lynch-Blosse of Balla, Co Mayo and Sibella Cottle, a woman with spellbinding powers reputedly wrought by witchcraft. Scheduled for release this autumn, the novel is based on real events in late 18th century Ireland. For me, it is a dream come through.