Lynch-Blosse Rentals 1792-4, Balla, Co Mayo

The rentals accruing to the Lynch-Blosse estate at Balla, Co Mayo have been recorded by K W Nicholls, in The Lynch-Blosse Papers, Analecta Hibernica, volume 28, 1980.
Rentals, Accounts, etc. Item 111, page 215.
Rental of the estate of Sir Robert Lynch Blosse, a minor, received by Peter Lynch, Esq, his guardian, for 3 years ending 1 May, 1794.
Total for year ending 1 May 1792, £4089.19.10
Total for year ending 1 May 1793, £4161.13.19
Total for year ending 1 May 1794, £4163.6.10​12
‘James Prendergast and partners the former tenants (of part of Drimineen) ran away and deserted the lands owing two years rent for May 1790 and May 1791.’
Followed by account of disbursements made by Peter Lynch as guardian, including (September, 1792) £552.10s. to purchase a commission in the Army for Michael Henry Lynch and £56.17.6 to equip him with regimentals, (August 1793) …
… payments to ‘George Ralph late schoolmaster in Castlebar for the tuition, diet and lodging of Michale, John, and George Lynch at his academy’,
and (4 April, 1793) £1500 to purchase a Lieutenancy of Light Dragoons for Michael Henry Lynch.
Sworn By Peter Lynch before Andrew Edmondson, Castlebar 12 November 1798.
Note: Andrew Edmondson was a solicitor who had drafted the will of Sir Harry Lynch-Blosse, 7th Baronet, the father of Michael, John and George Lynch by Sibella Cottle.

Robert Lynch-Blosse 8th Bt (1784-1818)

 Henry Lynch-Blosse 7th Bt (1749-1788).