Teresa Quinn interviews Paul B McNulty on “The Abduction of Anne O’Donel.”

The Abduction of Anne O’Donel was the subject of Teresa Quinn’s interview of Paul B McNulty on Liffey Sound 96.4 FM last Sunday. In a wide-ranging interview, Teresa explored the background to Paul’s second historical novel now available as an e-book on Club Lighthouse and as both an e-book and print book on Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Paul explained how his work was inspired by a genealogical study of the Anglo-Norman Lynches who settled in Galway. This led him to draft three historical novels, two of which have been published.

Later this year, he hopes to publish “The Bodkin Murders,” a story based on real events in mid-18th century Galway. Thereafter, he plans to write a play based on each novel using two male and two female characters in each case.

Paul was delighted to be invited onto Liffey Sound 96.4 FM, a Community Radio station since 2006. Based in Lucan, Co Dublin, Ireland, it is run by about 70 volunteers. It includes broadcasting hours of 4pm to 10pm weekdays and 8am to 10pm weekends.

Front cover of "The Abduction of Anne O'Donel" by Paul B McNulty.

The cover of a 75,000 word historical novel based on real events in late 18th century Ireland.

Glass island on Lough Conn, Co Mayo where Anne O'Donel was imprisoned.

Glass island on Lough Conn, Co Mayo where Anne O’Donel was imprisoned.