“The Abduction of Anne O’Donel” by Paul B McNulty

A beautiful heiress, a villainous lawyer, a scandalous abduction that shocks the country.

The Abduction of Anne O’Donel tells the story of a young heiress who refuses to marry the elderly Timothy Brecknock whom her father has chosen for her. Frustrated by her lack of interest, Brecknock abducts Anne to a remote island on Lough Conn hoping to win her heart with stories of romance, politics, Evangelicalism and alchemy. Believing that her secret betrothed, Jasper Martin, will find her, Anne plays a dangerous game as the story concludes with a murder, a famous trial and a wedding.

The Abduction of Anne O’Donel, is the second in a series of historical novels based on real events in late 18th century Ireland. It was a finalist in the 2013 William Faulkner Novel Competition. Three of its minor characters, Sibella Cottle, Sir Harry Lynch-Blosse and Ned Holian, will be familiar to readers of my first novel, Spellbound by Sibella.

The Abduction of Anne O’Donel is available as an e-book on Club Lighthouse Publishing, Canada and as both a print book and e-book on Amazon UK and Amazon.com.

Front cover of "The Abduction of Anne O'Donel" by Paul B McNulty.

Front cover of a historical novel, a finalist in the 2013 William Faulkner Novel Competition, New Orleans.

Glass island on Lough Conn, Co Mayo where Anne O'Donel was imprisoned.

Glass island on Lough Conn, Co Mayo, Ireland where Anne O’Donel was imprisoned.